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What Makes Lunchbox Anti-Theft:

Before we get started - there are no locks, no zip-ties, and no combination codes that you will need to fight with in order to get into your bag. Rates of theft at festivals can be as high as one in seven at festivals, but we wanted it to be as easy as possible for you to protect your stuff!


Lunchbox’s anti-theft features are two-fold. First, lunchbox’s exterior is made of military-grade ballistic nylon, so no one can slice into the face or bottom of your bag while you’re not paying attention. Second, Lunchbox’s zippers all face inwards - meaning that no one can unzip your bag from the behind or the side while you’re dancing, distracted, or otherwise enjoying yourself.  Lunchbox does have one external side zipper on the side that is used to access the juicebox for refill, but we made sure this pocket was protected as well by using a clip-in zipper that ensures the safety of the pouch.


How Lunchbox's Fast Refill System Works:

You’re probably wondering - how does lunchbox refill faster than any other hydration bag on the market if that depends on how fast the water flows?

Great question! It’s important to realize that the Lunchbox doesn’t increase the speed of water going into the bag, but it does cut down the time that it will take you to set up your water bladder.

Water lines at festivals are congested in part because it takes every person in line at a refill station over 90 seconds to take off their bag, remove the hydration bladder, and refill the bladder. After the hydration bladder is filled, there is still the process of reassembling the bag - costing another minute of time. That's approximately 150 seconds of waiting for every person in line. 


The Lunchbox makes it so you don’t have to remove the hydration bladder (a.k.a. juicebox) from the bag with our patented EasyFill method. In order to refill simply put the Lunchbox on like any regular backpack and remove the right shoulder strap. Next, swing the bag in front of your body while keeping the left shoulder strap on your shoulder.


Unclip the water compartment zipper, remove the slide on the water bladder, and begin the flow of water. Once filled, fold the top of the bladder over, place the slide back on, and close the compartment. Put the second strap of the bag back on and your fast refill process is good to go!


What Makes Lunchbox Security Approved:

Lunchbox is security approved because the design is based on the security requirements of the top fifty festivals in the United States. While you may be thinking that lunchbox’s dimensions make it too large of a backpack for the average festival, lunchbox is unique because it is actually considered a hydration pack, which means there is a different set of rules regarding entry. The lunchbox is totally in compliance with these hydration pack rules.


Lunchbox Team Tip: If you’re worried about entry into a festival, we’d recommend removing the interchangeable skin while going through security. While it is not technically a pocket (it’s open at the bottom to make it clear to security that its not for storage), some security guards may claim that the space between the lunchbox and the skin constitutes an additional pocket. Just put your lunchbox skin in your side pocket through security, and put it back on once inside!


How to Use Lunchbox Like A Pro: 

Lunchbox has several small details that will make your festival experience the easiest yet. 

Phone Pocket: The pocket on the left side strap? It’s for your phone - yes, your big phone! Don’t be afraid to stretch the mesh. The pocket is designed to grab the bottom half of your phone so that the top half pokes out - easy to reach for you next time your favorite artist plays their best song.

Removable Sternum Strap: The lunchbox was made to dance in - which means you need a bag that will stay compact against your body. Click the sternum straps together, adjust however you like, or remove if they don’t fit your style. Be careful that you don’t lose the straps if you decide to remove them!

Sunglasses Pocket: The pocket on the right side? It’s meant to grab your sunglasses, and hold them there tightly as you dance, run, or adventure around. Our stretch mesh will fit your shades - use it wisely!

Phone Charger: If you have an external battery that you keep your phone powered with (not included in lunchbox), you’re in luck. The middle pocket in the top compartment is designed to hold your phone charger. String your charging cord from the top compartment, through the little lightshow wire slit in the top of the lunchbox, and down the strap to your phone pocket. Stay powered all day long!


How to string your lightshow wires: 

Lightshow wires can be strung in many different ways. You can use one lightshow wire, or multiple lightshow wires as our sewn-on loop system allows you to create limitless designs utilizing several wires at once. In order to do begin - simply place the battery pack in the top compartment of the lunchbox and pull the wire through one of the top two slits in the fabric (same as where the hose for the juicebox comes out). Then, you are free to string your lightshow however you want by weaving the wires throughout the many loops.

Lunchbox Pro Tip: Try placing the battery pack in one of the side compartments inside the top half of the lunchbox. Make sure the on/off button faces outwards. We’ve designed the fabric so that you can feel the button from the outside of the bag meaning you don't need to open your lunchbox every time you want to turn the lights on or off (especially when it gets dark at a festival!)