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Introducing: Lunchbox

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The Last Festival Bag You'll Ever Need

Theft? No more. Long Water Lines? Fixed. Guaranteed Entry at Security.

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Lose Yourself, Not Your Stuff

Go chase the experience you've been dreaming of.

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  • Anti-Theft Design

    Avoid pickpockets with inwards facing pockets and protected clip-in zippers - so you can focus on living in the moment. No locks required!

  • Rapid Hydration Technology

    Long water lines mean you're missing the music. Refill 70% faster with the EasyFill Juicebox hydration system that keeps the bladder in the pack while water is flowing, so you can get back to vibing with your friends in no time.

  • Personalized to You

    Light up at your favorite stage with our Lightshow Wire, or change the design of your bag with our interchangeable skins designed by community artists.

With designs submitted by the artist community, festival logos, and your own ideas, you can change your Lunchbox look faster than you can change your mind.

String any number of electrolumescent Lightshow Wires through your Lunchbox - the sky's the limit!

String your charging cord from the inside of your bag to your phone pocket, so you're charged all day. 

Packed with Features

Insulated Hydration Pocket

We insulated our hydration pocket, so your water will stay cool for longer than ever before.

Dedicated Phone Pocket

Never miss catching the drop on video ever again with our dedicated phone pocket on the Lunchbox straps. And yes, our four-stretch mesh will fit your giant phone.

Mouthpiece Cover

Make sure your hydration nozzle stays bacteria and dirt free with our hygienic hydration nozzle cap. Goodbye wook flu!

Compact Sunglasses Pocket

Hate fumbling around for your sunglasses when the sun suddenly pops out? Our dedicated, accessible sunglasses pocket helps you adjust from shade to sun without any hassle.

Side-Mesh Pockets

Perfect for your energy drink, hand fan, parasol, or tall boy. Our side mesh pockets are ready to hold whatever you decide to bring to the music.

Adjustible Sternum Strap

Like to dance? Make sure your Lunchbox stays secure against your back with our adjustable, removable sternum clasp.

What People Are Saying

"Lunchbox is the last festival bag you'll ever need to buy."

"My phone cost $1000... My experience at EDC is going to cost $2000... and I can spend $80 on a Lunchbox to finally secure my belongings AND not letting a pickpocket ruin my festival vacation? ....No-brainer!"

"Besides having to go to the bathroom right as your favorite artists takes the stage, Lunchbox takes care of all the annoying problems that come with being a human so that I can fully focus on the music."

9.8/10 - "The perfect festival bag."

"Lunchbox is the festival bag of the future."

"With Lunchbox protecting your back, you can lose yourself in the music without needing to worry about the security of your valuables."

The Specifics

One dedicated compartment for your stuff, and one dedicated ompartment for hydration - so you get through every security line without issue.

The Lunchbox Story

How We Started, How Lunchbox Was Created, and Everything Else in Between