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Peaks Pack - Red

Peaks Pack - Red - Lunchbox

Peaks Pack - Red


Introducing the lunchbox…a completely re-engineered, highly functional hydration pack optimized for active adventure.

As a team of young people who love staying active outdoors, we struggled to find a hydration pack that fit all of our adventure needs. So we decided to build our own. Finding the intersection between comfort and durability, aesthetic and functionality, support and accessibility, we built a pack to level up any adventure experience.

Whether you're running, hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, or traveling around the world, lunchbox has your back.

  • Our fully insulated patent pending EasyFill hydration system allows for streamlined water refill, kept cold all day long
  • With our ballistic nylon exterior and inverted zippers you're protected from tears and snags on the trail
  • With straps lined with 5-layer breathable wicking mesh you'll stay dry and avoid chaffing no matter the activity
  • A low anchor weight and removable sternum straps create a secured fit to ensure balance on the go
  • Our external pockets are optimized for quick access to sunglasses, snacks, your phone, and more

Our adventure pack now comes complete with a line of outdoor adventure skins by community artist Eric Anderson! Check out combos with our peaks and summit skins, or improve your nighttime visibility with our reflective skin series!


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Packed with Features

Machine Washable
Insulated Hydration System
Light and compact Icon
Optimized Item Access
Your Own Water SupplyIcon
Lightweight and Compact
Peace of Mind in the Crowd Icon
Anti-Crash Construction
Refill Water Icon
Lumbar Support
Balanced Wight Distribution Icon
Phone Access + Charging
Wicks Moisture Icon
Wicks Moisture
No Chafe Padded Comfort Icon
No Chafe, Padded Comfort

"I love the lunchbox! It's such a great product for festivals, hiking, and even just day to day activities. Very lightweight and secure with cool, customizable features! An amazing product!" - Freddy R.

What's in the Box?

Every lunchbox bundle comes with the following base bundle. Outdoor adventure bundles also include an insulated hose and outdoor-inspired skin design.

Machine Washable
1 Lunchbox

The lunchbox itself!

Hydration Bladder
1 Juicebox

Our custom designed water bladder and hose that fits the EasyFill hydration system.

Matte Black - Lunchbox Skin
1 Black Lunchbox Skin

The smooth black skin, perfect for urban adventure or trail journey alike!

Lightshow Wire
1 Insulated Tube

Your water stays cool all day with our insulated hose + insulated hydration system.

Lunchbox Skins
1 All-Terrain Skin*

Each lunchbox comes with a removable outdoor 'skin' that prevents water from seeping in and improves visibility!
*each bundle comes with one