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Music is found in every known culture; it’s the universal language that connects us all. We firmly believe that music festivals should be spaces of unwavering self-expression and personal discovery. When festivals are plagued by theft, inconsistent security policies, and inefficient, limited  water lines some of the magic of the festival experience is lost. This is why we created lunchbox, the festival hydration pack to protect the festival experience of the future.

Our mission is two-fold: to create a maximally safe music festival experience for all, and to create an experience that is sustainable -- both for the event, and for the individual.

How It Began

Lunchbox’s journey began after one fateful weekend at Ultra Music Festival (2018). It was before the sweeping Miami skyline in Bayfront Park that our founder and longtime music festival lover Tom Worcester ran head first into several problems that are all too common to any seasoned festival go'er. First, security decided Tom’s bag was too big. They confiscated it and he was left frantically trying to stuff all his belongings into his friend’s tiny CamelBak, including external batteries, sunscreen, and key festival essentials. Second, the hour long water lines caused Tom to miss the artist he was most excited to see (Lost Kings). Third, several of Tom’s friends had phones stolen by professional pickpockets, who came prepared to slice flimsy bags and spot unguarded pockets.

Now What?

Determined to make a change and create waves, Tom set off on his personal journey to change the way music fans experience festivals. Unlike many startups, lunchbox never set out to hire anyone. Instead the team has formed naturally to create group of individuals that share the same passion for festivals, drive to improve the experience, and desire to give back to the community. We’re one of you -- and that's why it works.

The Communicator

The first natural fit and member of the founding team was Liz Cylkowski. After having heard Tom preach the gospel of festivals for years, Liz agreed to attend her first festival (Moonrise) with Tom in the summer of 2018. At that time, Liz was starting her senior year at Georgetown University and considering a career in consulting or as foreign service officer. All it took was one festival (much like Tom) to drastically change the trajectory of Liz’s life. She recalls that at Moonrise - she fell in love twice; first with the community, and then with the music. Liz officially became lunchbox’s second team member in October of 2018.

The World Traveler

The second natural addition to the lunchbox family was Meredith Lostaglio. Like Tom, Meredith was a long-time lover of music festivals, having even written a college application essays about her love of EDM. After attending Electric Zoo 2018, she was introduced to Tom and lunchbox, and (once again...) her life changed forever. While she had always loved the energy and ethos of the festival community, lunchbox introduced her to a new passion: entrepreneurship. Meredith officially became lunchbox’s third team member in November 2018.

The Builder

The fourth member to join the lunchbox team was festival veteran and LED expert Chris Cooke. Chris got onboard after a happenstance meeting between Tom and Chris at EDC Orlando, which happened to be the first trial run for the factory lunchbox prototype. Chris was immediately sold on both the design of the bag, and being a part of the small team behind it. He joined lunchbox after EDC: Orlando 2018 and has remained an important part of our team by working on everything from holographic lenses to marketing to incredible totems.

The Vision

Since cultivating this unlikely team of young entrepreneurs, Tom and his founding team have been working diligently around the clock to bring the lunchbox vision and mission to life. In under a year lunchbox has gone from an a concept to a reality, with bags shipping pre EDC Las Vegas 2019. We never could have anticipated all that 2018 had in store for lunchbox, but we're damn sure that 2019 will be a journey worth remembering. Thanks for reading our story!