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Your All-Access Guide to Imagine 2019

Imagine is an EDM music festival in Atlanta, Georgia, pulling crowds of over 35,000 attendees. This year, the 3-day camping festival is September 20-22 and the theme is Aquatic Fairytale. Headliners include Diplo, Rezz, Marshmello, and Zed's Dead

Imagine 2019 Lineup

Who To Look Out For

This lineup is stacked with lunchbox team favorites, from Claude VonStroke to Anna Lunoe to Wax Motif. Also be sure to check out Justin Jay, Dr. Fresch, and Jusin Martin!

    What Should I Have That I Might Not Think To Bring?

    1. EARPLUGS: Noice induced hearing loss is a serious issue at music festivals. Protect your hearing without compromising the music with a high fidelity pair. 
    2. PASHMINA: While it can be hot during the day, nights can cool down. Don't be caught unprepared and bring our favorite festival accessory!
    3. EXTERNAL BATTERY: Stay powered through 10+ hour days with a fully charged external battery and charging cables. Bonus points if you have a bag that can run a charging cable from the bag to your phone! 


    Don't get caught without anything to carry your stuff. 

    The Imagine website lists "large backpacks and multi-pocket backpacks over 24"x12"" as prohibited, though cinch packs are allowed. Large purses, bags, and backpacks over 12"x12" are not allowed. Unlike some festivals, there are no regulations around the backpack needing to be clear. 

    Imagine allows for "camelbak style bladders (must be empty)" and "reusable water bottles" as well as hydration packs and backpacks under 12"x12". 

      Looking for your perfect Imagine bag? 

    If you don't want to have to check the bag policy at every festival you go to, check out lunchbox! It's built to get through every security line, anywhere you go. 

    The Lunchbox 

    Lunchbox is the world's first anti-theft hydration pack, designed by festival goers to protect the festival experience. Between its customizable designs, dedicated phone pouch, and rapid refill system, it's the last festival bag you'll ever need. 

    It was built, quite simply, to make your life easier at festivals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are camping hours?
    A: For regular camping entry, the campgrounds are open from Friday (9/20) at 10am to Monday (9/23) at 2pm. If you purchased your ticket before July 15th you were automatically upgraded to an early arrival 4-day pass, and camping opens at 11am on Thursday (9/19). Early arrival passes are also available for purchase on Imagine's website. 

    Q: Does everyone in my car need their own camping pass?
    A: Yes! Every individual needs their own camping and festival admission pass. 

    Q: Is theft a problem at Imagine?
    A: Like at most festivals in the U.S. and around the world, theft is an increasing issue at Imagine. Most of the people are amazing, but a few bad eggs can quickly ruin your festival experience. Their website offers some tips to protect yourself and your valuables, but our suggestion would be to invest in an anti-theft hydration pack like lunchbox! 

    Q: What kind of shoes are best Imagine? 
    A: Go for comfort over everything else! Imagine is 3-4 days of constant moving so you'll be on your feet a lot. 

    Q: Does Imagine have lockers? 
    A: Yes, they have lockers available for rental inside the festival grounds. Lockers are 8"x12"x18" and include a universal cellphone charger. Unlimited ins and outs are permitted. 

    Q: Is there parking at the venue for non-campers? 
    A: For those attendees not camping, day parking is available for purchase on the Imagine website. 

    Q: Does the festival have an age limit? 
    A: Yes! To enter the event you must be 18 years or older. Be sure to bring a photo ID in addition to your ticket. 

    Have a question that's not answered here? Head over to the Imagine website for more information: 

    Meet The Lunchbox Fam!

    We're festival goers and entrepreneurs  who have been to every major festival in the United States, from Ultra to EDC to Electric Forest and beyond. Our sole goal is to help our festival fam prepare as best they can, so they can have the best possible experience.