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Your All-Access Music Festival Guide

Download your festival guide below! 

Here at lunchbox, we know whether its your first or your fiftieth festival experience, it can still be hard to be prepared. That's why we compiled a list of our favorite insider tips and tricks to perfect the festival experience in our all-access festival guide! 

What To Expect from the Guide

  1. GROUP MEET-UPS: Phone service at festivals is awful, so be sure to pick a central meetup spot with your group to convene at every two hours in case you lose each other. For example: plan to meet at the ferris wheel at 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm ... or until your group is finally back together. 
  2. PASHMINA: While it can be hot during the day, nights can cool down. Don't be caught unprepared and bring our favorite festival accessory! Lunchbox fam pro tip: tie your pashmina around the bottom of your pack or stick it under your skin for easy transport. 
  3.  GIFTS FOR OTHERS: As all festival veterans know, the best part of music festivals is the community. Be sure to bring gifts, kandi bracelets, crafts, and toys to trade with fellow attendees. You never know what conversations you'll have or treats you'll end up with!

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Meet The Lunchbox Fam!

We're festival goers and entrepreneurs  who have been to every major festival in the United States, from Ultra to EDC to Electric Forest and beyond. Our sole goal is to help our festival fam prepare as best they can, so they can have the best possible experience.