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6 Ways To Prepare For EDC Orlando

6 Ways To Prepare for EDC Orlando

The fall has finally arrived and whisked away an end to the summer festival season, but we’ve got a few final hurrahs before we leap into the new year.

The biggest and best of them all? EDC Orlando

With an estimated attendance of 250,000 new people, a completely new DAY of the festival, new stages, and an overhauled experience, EDC: Orlando 2019 promises to be one of the best yet. With all of these changes, we wanted to take a moment and help you prep for one of America’s biggest festivals with our #lunchboxfam approved checklist!

#1: Wear Earplugs

Noise induced hearing loss is a huge problem in the music festival community, but too many people are afraid to compromise their music listening experience by using earplugs. Enter high fidelity earplugs, designed to only block out toxic levels of noise. Protect your hearing for EDCO and future fests while still enjoying your favorite artists. We promise, you’ll thank yourself later.

#2: Wear Comfortable Shoes

EDC Orlando is a marathon weekend and you are going to be on your feet walking and dancing A LOT! Avoid blisters by day three by skipping the heels and flip flops in favor of your most comfortable, broken in shoes. For extra protection, also try wearing two pairs of socks. Want to go even further? Get a pair of insoles for each of your shoes for maximum support. The more you can dance, the happier you’ll be!

#3: Bring A Face Mask

An important staple for any fest, EDC Orlando’s venue in what’s basically a baseball stadium make face masks particularly important. It’s a dusty venue, so you should avoid inhaling dust and protect yourself from wook flu by incorporating a facemask into your outfit. Eyedrops and chapstick can also help you take on the dust day after day.

#4: Don't Try To Over-Schedule

Seriously. It can be tempting when preparing for a fest, especially if it’s your first, to try and plan everything out ahead of time. However, you’ll soon realize trying to stick to a schedule, catch all your favorite artists, AND meet up with rave fam members is never going to go according to plan at a festival. Instead, we suggest having a handful of “must sees” every day, and then embrace serendipity! Wander over to a random set, make friends with strangers sitting in the grass, and let festival magic take you where you need to go. No matter what it’ll be a magical time, and you’ll end up in just the right place.

#5: Bring A Hydration Pack

As any festival veteran knows, you won’t survive a festival weekend without hydration. Between the dust, the heat, and the dancing, it is important to remember to listen to your body and help it stay healthy. Leave the water bottle at home and save from buying water bottles on site by bringing a hydration pack. Hate to fight with a hydration pack in water lines? It’s all good - lunchbox packs have a quick water refill mechanism so you can speed through water lines and get back to the music faster than ever before.

#6: Protect Your Valuables

This one’s important.. While the festival community is overflowing with good vibes people, it’s hard to ignore the rampant levels of theft (especially phone theft) at EDCO reported in previous years and festivals around the country. Losing your phone doesn’t just losing your connection to your friends, it means losing the memories you’ve captured all weekend. Don’t become another statistic.

2 for the price of 1? Lunchbox keeps you hydrated while protecting your valuables, as the first anti-theft hydration pack designed specifically for music festivals. With interchangeable festival designs, a front facing phone pocket, a wire charging pathway, and more, it’s the last festival bag you’ll ever need.  [Learn More Here CTA]

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